Cesspit Cleaning & Draining services in Auckland

Depending on the location of your property in Auckland, the drainage system of your residential & commercial building is either connected to the public sewage lines or has a cesspit. Not many people discover this fact until they run into an issue with their drainage. Cesspits require regular emptying to ensure optimal operational efficiency and that there is no sludge overflow. This system is also your best bet for sewage and drainage disposal if you are running a temporary project, especially in a remote location, like a construction campsite. Cesspits are less complicated to build and operate, nonetheless requiring as much upkeep and care as the main sewage system. Cesspit maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation of your home or business property drainage.

Get your cesspit chamber emptied, cleaned, and serviced by the best cesspit cleaning service provider in Auckland. We are available round the clock for all types of drainage problems.

Cesspit Cleaning

What is a Cesspit?

A cesspit, also known as a cesspool, is a cemented and covered holding tank usually installed underground on a property to collect sewage and wastewater. These are usually built from brick or concrete; however, the most recent variants are made of fiberglass and include an inlet pipe for the waste. Cesspits are built to only hold sewage and not to treat waste. It does not have any other openings except the pipe that enters the chamber for emptying and ventilation. Cesspits must be built at least 7 meters away from any residential buildings/areas and within 30 meters of the road or vehicle access points.

Only professional drainage technicians should empty the tank and perform other maintenance tasks. For experienced and trained cesspit installation, emptying, and cleaning in Auckland, call us.

Importance of Cesspit maintenance

Cesspits are almost always located on off-road sites and are made up of three parts: a grate, a compact chamber, and a sediment trap. The grate on the top allows the wastewater in while also trapping leaves, residue, and debris. The dirt in the water settles at the bottom of the cesspits. Without periodic maintenance, this debris builds up and causes blockages which further compromise the quality of the drainage, resulting in flooding.

The upkeep of cesspits and drainage is also important for the protection of rivers and beaches. So we recommend property owners have their cesspits emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. If your budget allows, you can use hydro-flush to clean the lines. This is an excellent approach to avoid overflowing your cesspits. Our professional drainage technicians can assist you if you are confused about whether you require a standard cesspit clean-up or a whole system flush. Get a free quote by calling us right now.

Cesspit cleaning in Orewa, Auckland

Responsibilities of a cesspit owner

The maintenance of the cesspit is not a simple matter of household cleaning. If you fail to assure regular cleaning, maintenance, and emptying of a cesspit on your land, it becomes a community or public issue due to the hazards it poses. The local council authority will be involved, penalties will be imposed, and other legalities will be involved. To avoid all of these issues, it is in the owner’s best interest to plan regular cesspit repairs and stay on the right side of the law and protect your health.

Listed below are some of the responsibilities of a cesspit owner.

  • Prevent environmental pollution and damage by de-sludging and emptying cesspits regularly
  • Refrain from delaying repairs in the cesspits or septic tanks or connecting drain lines
  • Make routine check-ups of the area where sewage is released
  • Plan for annual emptying and clean-up of the cesspit without fail
  • Set a limit for the system’s discharge into water (5,000 liters of treated sewage per day) and the ground (2,000 liters of sewage per day). In case you need to release more than this standard quantity, you will need a permit from the concerned authorities.

Warning Signs to do cesspit cleaning

Frequent cesspit removal, maintenance, and fixes are necessary to prevent overflows, malfunctions, or collapses, which can result in significant environmental and health hazards. Here is a list of the most common early symptoms to check for when it’s time to empty your cesspit below.

  • Water pools near the cesspit drain exit. It indicates clogs in the piping system which need to be addressed immediately.
  • Persistent slow-draining of sinks and toilets
  • Unusual growth of grass and plants in the areas around the cesspit
  • Foul odors near the cesspit
  • Overflowing of the drains
cesspit debris

Our Cesspit Services in Auckland

Cesspit Installation in Auckland

Looking for an experienced drain expert to install a cesspit? We have several years of experience in providing cesspit installation services to households and commercial properties. Our expertise, transparency, and affordable price make cesspit installation in Auckland a very easy process. Call us now to speak to one of our drainage experts to know about our services.

Cesspit Draining in Auckland

You can now schedule a cesspit drainage service on a regular basis with us at a low cost in Auckland with us. Ideally, your cesspit needs to be drained out every six weeks (depending on the size of your tank) by professionals to avoid instances of overflow or foul odors from the cesspit. If you delay the draining of the cesspit for too long, it can cause health hazards and also infrastructural damage, resulting in unnecessary expensive repair bills. Our drainage service also comes with a cleaning service, to ensure peak operating conditions for a long time.

Cesspool Maintenance

Some of the most common reasons for cesspit maintenance are damage to cesspit chambers and blockages in the inlet pipes, cracks, or collapse due to repeated use or aging. Our technicians are trained to repair and resolve even the most stubborn and difficult cesspit malfunctions. After our service, your tank will be back to fully optimized functioning. Our highly skilled technicians can evaluate both the pipes leading to your tank and the chamber itself, looking for any issues that may be keeping your system from working properly. Our teams are available 24/7 for emergency call outs.

Cesspool Replacement and Upgrade

If you have an older model cesspit at your property that needs upgrading with a replacement, we can help you. This will involve digging up your old tank and fitting the new one, ensuring it is up and running for your property in as little time as possible.

Call us now to know more about how to upgrade your cesspit to enable new and improved drainage systems at your property.