Sewer Unblocking & Cleaning Auckland

Whether it is your own house, rental property, or an industrial facility, keeping the sewage and drain system smooth is undoubtedly a high-priority job. A fully functional sewage system makes everyday lives easier and boosts the value of a property by leaps and bounds. Early identification and cleaning of blocked sewer pipes, as well as routine maintenance, can prevent you from expensive repairs when your sewer pipes become clogged. Save yourself from the hassles of disruption in daily life and work caused due to the inconvenience of inefficient sewage systems. Call us for a consultation or any sewer unblocking and repair services in Auckland. We’ll ensure that your sewer lines and sewer system are well taken care of.

Sewer Pipe Repair in Auckland

A variety of other reasons can result in clogged drains and sewage. Our expert and trained team of technicians is available at your service to fix the drainage system, whether it is connected to the main sewer line or attached to a private system such as a septic tank. Give us a call if you suspect or detect any of the following signs in your yard or pipes. It could be a potential block in your drain pipe or the sewage line.

Signs of Blocked sewer drain

Foul odor:

There is a reason why sewers are sealed within the pipeline and there are vents in the drainage system. When the sewer smells escape from other areas, it is a red flag that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Recurring drain blockages:

There are everyday drain blocks and then there are “the drain blocks”. Keep track of how frequently your drains are getting clogged with a daily mess like hair, soap, and other miscellaneous gunk. If the frequency is still too close even after you practice cleaning the bathroom and sink grates, you need expert intervention.

Slow draining and water backing up from drains:

Everything from toys lodged in drain traps or wet wipes to tree roots or pipe deterioration can cause water backups. However, it could also be due to the damage or defect in the underground sewer pipe which is not easily noticed.

Blocked toilet:

Every household goes through a blocked toilet incident once in a while. While sometimes, it can be easily remedied with a plunger, repeated blocking of the toilet is a sure sign of bigger damage down the sewerage line.

Dirty water stagnation:

Leaks in sewer pipes and septic tanks bring dirty water up onto the surface, which is a big health hazard. Another way to detect the leakage is to check for sudden lushness in the garden lawn and growth spurt in the plants in the vicinity of drain lines.

Loose ground and caving in of earth:

Leaks cause the earth to loosen up and eventually cause it to collapse. This can adversely affect the infrastructure of your property, especially the foundation, and result in bigger complications.

Tree root and rodent invasion:

These thrive on the waste materials in the sewage. Damages to the installed grates or cracks in the pipes can cause a small leak to grow into a big sewage problem.

Who is liable for fixing the blocked sewer drain?

The responsibility of fixing blocked sewage in Auckland is divided among parties based on clear rules and area specifications. For instance, you are accountable for the damages in the pipes that are within your property’s limits. If the area or issue of the block falls outside your property, it is the responsibility of the Auckland Council. Once the council is notified of the block, it is their duty to fix and restore the sewer to normal functional capacity.

How do we fix your blocked sewer drain?

Evaluation & Assessment:

We use advanced CCTV cameras that can be inserted into the drain lines to demarcate the area of leaks or defects in the underground pipe and sewage system. A technology-assisted drain survey is extremely effective and accurate in determining sewer issues and drawing up a comprehensive strategy to streamline the inspection and repairing process, saving considerable time and cost for you.

Cleaning up & unblocking:

Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the expertise of the technicians, clears up debris and fixes sewer faults in no time. The drain lines are flushed out excess material build-up and optimal functioning is restored without causing too much inconvenience to your daily lives.

Repairing & Re-lining of the Pipe:

Long gone are the days when you dig all the way to the sewage problem to fix it. Based on the defect you can now opt to reline the drain and sewage instead of replacing the underground pipes.

How much it will cost to fix the sewer drain?

A number of different factors like the type of service and extent of damage determine the cost of repairing sewer lines in Auckland. While some properties require only one type of service like excavating and full replacement of the pipes or drain leak fixing or pipe re-lining; others demand a combination of these services. Understanding these challenges, we follow an open approach where we offer customized pricing plans based on your needs and budget.

Contact us today about your drain issues and we will get back to you with an estimate and solution.

Why choose Us?

We are one of the most renowned and trusted sewage service providers in Auckland. We embark on every project after a thorough breakdown of the issues our clients are facing. Our tailor-made sewer repair and servicing packages are well planned and equipped with the right machines and technicians to address a variety of malfunctions in the mains or private sewer pipes in Auckland. We offer the best value and the best solutions for clients.

Call us to know how we can help you restore and strengthen your sewer lines to a smooth flowing system!