Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Auckland

Grease traps are an integral feature of any commercial kitchen. It gets dirty and filled with sludge far more easily than roadside drains. If the grease traps are not cleaned and serviced on a routine basis, they will eventually cease working, bringing the entire operation to a standstill. Every restaurant and large-scale food establishment must have a properly operating grease trap. Waiting until the last minute to have your grease trap pulled out and cleaned can cost you direly and result in closing down your business temporarily, or worse, permanently.

If you are looking for professional grease trap services in Auckland at an affordable price, we can help you. Our knowledgeable team is available in all areas providing Repairs, Service, Installation and Maintenance of grease traps in Auckland.

Importance of Grease Traps

What is a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are devices placed between a restaurant kitchen’s drains and the main sewage lines. It helps prevent food waste from entering the public wastewater system and causing blockages. It can be placed both on the outside or inside as it enables the segregation of waste into different types like food remains, fat, oil, and grease (FFOG) from wastewater.

What is the importance of a grease trap?

In commercial food processing establishments, grease accumulates rapidly inside the traps, rendering them ineffective. The grease can build up and become difficult to dispose of, emitting foul odors.

Grease traps serve as a significant device in any industrial kitchen or food processing establishment. These devices efficiently prevent the build-up of potentially severe clogs. They contribute to the grease management process by trapping unwanted greases, oils, and other debris. It is critical in preventing them from entering the main drainage system.

Is the grease trap waste controlled waste?

Grease trap waste is classified as controlled waste. The Environment Agency or an Officer from a similar organization validates with evidence that the grease trap is maintained on a regular basis and that any waste taken out is disposed of by a licensed waste carrier in a designated place.

How to prevent drain blockages and fatbergs

Did you know that Fatbergs cause approximately 280 sewage overflows every year?

Fatbergs smell awfully disgusting, and technicians need to wear protective masks while cleaning them up. A lot of things that should not be flushed down the drains are often found in the drains causing blockages, some accidental, some not.

For a drainage technician, floating fatbergs and stubborn blocks formed from oils and fats sliding down the drain are not new things at all.

Though formation of fatbergs and drain clogs is quite inevitable, we can always practice good drain habits that will reduce the instances and even prevent the incidents of ensuing drain blockages.

  • Use bins for oil waste; allow fats in hot pans to cool down before scraping them into a trash can
  • Clean the grease from the pans with a paper towel before discarding them in bins
  • While small amounts of over the counter detergents and chemicals are safe to wash down into the sewage, one must be careful not to wash harder chemicals like paint into the drains
  • Make sure to discard tea leaves, coffee grinds, and food leftovers in the waste bin instead of the sink.
  • Be extra careful during festival time and avoid washing the fat from baked ham and meats straight down the sink
  • Wet wipes, flushable or not, should not be flushed as they do not dissolve like toilet paper.
  • If you can, dispose of all types of grease and oil in bins by removing them first into sealed containers
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, or oils are hazardous waste and should never be callously washed down into the drains
  • Always keep separate bins for personal hygiene product waste

How we do grease trap cleaning in Auckland

Emptying and cleaning your kitchen’s grease trap regularly is crucial to preserving the overall hygiene of your kitchen and eliminating the danger of unpleasant odors. You can save your money and time by preventing costly repairs in the future. All the grease collected is later carefully and legally disposed of at an authorized location.

To ensure that your grease trap runs efficiently, we inspect the overall condition of the device along with the inlet and outlet pipelines. Our experienced drainage technicians are trained in repairing and cleaning all varieties of grease traps. Depending on the condition of your grease trap, we may also arrange for regular maintenance service. This is ideally done every 6 to 12 months, depending on the  usage.

Our Grease Trap Vacuum Truck

We are one of the most reliable and trusted grease trap cleaners in Auckland. We always go an extra mile to ensure that our customers get the best grease trap cleaning service. Our crew is up to date with every training, tool, and component required for a thorough grease trap cleaning job. It further includes an advanced vacuum loading truck that has a capacity of 1800 liters. It is compact and extremely efficient even in the most constrained of spaces and narrow alleys. The hose length can be extended up to 60 meters.

Why regular cleaning of the trap is important?

Hygiene in any place is a non-negotiable factor. In a commercial food processing unit, grease traps are essential to filter out the oil and grease and prevent them from entering sewer pipes and clogging them. If we do not eliminate this waste on a regular basis, the fat in the sludge will calcify, restricting the flow of water passing through the drain lines. This will inevitably result in a drainage blockage and malfunction, further attracting rodent invasion and compromising the hygiene of the establishment.

Why choose the response team

  • Our technicians are available 24/7 for your service
  • You can also schedule a quarterly service for cleaning and emptying the grease trap
  • Ensure the suitability and durability of the grease trap to meet the daily waste produced in the establishment
  • Advice from experienced and trained technicians on the most appropriate grease maintenance system for your specific needs

No more waking up to a bad day at work because your kitchen drain is trapped in vegetable waste and meat grease. Our anytime-ready-to-dispatch team can help clear any stubborn block even in the deepest parts of the drain line. For honest, professional, and affordable grease trap cleaning and emptying services in Auckland, call us.