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Cost effective Drain Cleaning and Repairs in Auckland

Worried about drain cleaning ? Our Response drain unblockers are available 24/7 to clean & repair your drains and sewers. With a certified crew across Auckland we can get to you within an hour and repair any damaged indoor or outdoor drains.

Drain cleaning, repairs and replacements

Response Drain unblockers can repair and clean your damaged drains. We are able to excavate and repair pipes and sewers that are cracked and damaged. We also have an in drain CCTV inspection camera that allows us to pinpoint cracks underground, providing you a cost effective solution that avoids unnecessary damage to your premises. Services also include trenchless drainage and pipe relining. A blocked drain requires urgent attention before the blockage causes your pipes to burst or crack. Call us immediately for drain cleaning or repairs, so we can help you diagnose the urgency of the problem. We can also help you with your other residential drainage issues.

How do we repair your drainage

If you have unexplained area(s) of wet ground in your front or back lawn, a damaged or cracked drain pipe might be the cause. A Response Drain Unblocker can investigate the cause of the problem by doing a thorough inspection of your drains to identify the source of the problem. When we have identified what is responsible for your damaged drain or sewer pipe we will discuss all of your options. Because we are able to repair and replace drains, we are able to fix your drainage issue immediately. In a lot of cases, customers only have a small section of pipe that needs to be repaired. However, on the rare occasion your drainage system requires complete or partial renewal drain repair, we will discuss all of your options so you can choose the best solution.

Why you need a drain repair ?

Fractured pipework

The majority of existing drain systems in New Zealand are over 20 years old, and are assembled from verified clay or earthenware pipework, which is vulnerable to cracking and other types of natural damage. Old cracked and damaged drains can cause corrosion which over time may damage your property.

Collapsed pipework drain repair

Underground drain pipes can collapse from too much pressure being applied to the top of the drains, such as buildings, dirt, driveways etc. The drains can also collapse from corrosion. This is a hazard to the entire draining system because collapsed drains cause blockages and flooding.

Root related drain damage

Tree roots can cause major damage to a drainage system, especially as trees grow and expand over time. Roots can cause new damage to your pipes or they can grow into already broken drains where there are water leaks. Roots usually cause blockages and break pipework.

Flexible braided hoses

While they are not drains, we also repair leaky flexible braided hoses which have caused nightmares for homeowners in Australia and New Zealand. Installed about 15 years ago, in the place of copper pipes, they have become extremely widespread in residential construction and renovations. Research by IAG Insurance showed that after 10 years, the risk a pipe bursts increases significantly. More information on and Radio NZ.

What is drain relining or trenchless drainage

Drain relining (or trenchless drainage) is when we repair your damaged drain by creating a new drainage pipe within your existing damaged pipe. We don’t have to excavate the ground to remove your pipe. It is a cost effective and efficient method of repairing drains, that can be done quickly with no damage to your lawn, garden, pathways or driveway.

When necessary, we recommend drain relining and sewer relining as it provides you an affordable option instead of digging up your drains. It’s been proven for more than 25 years around the world and more than a decade in New Zealand. What type of drains can be relined? • Sewers • Storm water drains • Earthenware pipes • Bends, junctions and traps • Short & long sections and patches • Cast iron • PVC • Pipes from 50mm to 400mm in diameter by using our drain relining service, you end up with stronger, smoother flowing pipes and drains. Relined pipes have smoother, faster flow through them and are resilient to tree-root cracks.

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