Soak hole Clearing in Auckland

Whether it’s a large or small drainage block or soak hole repair in Auckland, our professional, trained, and certified crew will guarantee the job is done right and to your 100% satisfaction and done on time! From the design, build, and installation of soak pits, we can do it all. Call us to schedule a soak hole clearance and inspection today.

What are soak holes?

Soak holes are manholes built in places where there are no stormwater reticulation networks. They are extremely prevalent throughout Auckland and generally have a depth of between 5 -20 meters. It helps discharge water into the ground easily on properties without access to a public stormwater drainage system. A regular-sized soak pit is expected to last between three and five years without repairs. The best way to prolong the lifespan and operational efficiency of the pits is by taking care of the effluent build-up by cleaning and maintaining the filter regularly.

Importance of soak holes

Soak holes are available in several different shapes and functions by forming a passage through the bedrock that allows the accumulated rainfall to seep into the ground. In Auckland soak holes are frequently found in areas with volcanic soils. They are not just used in rural regions.

It functions as a sewage treatment unit and partially filters the wastewater collected. It releases relatively harmless and cleaner water to the immediate ground. Having a soak pit on your property is a reliable and environmentally-friendly way to help accelerate safer groundwater recharge.

Why soakhole clearing is important

Soak holes are reliable and secure stormwater drainage systems. However, like any other sewage system, it runs on a filtering grate that needs to be cleaned now and then. The filter collects and prevents the buildup of leaves and sediment over time and ensures smoother draining of stormwater. Like plumbing chambers, homeowners are mostly unaware of the soak holes in their buildings or negligent about their maintenance. If these setups get blocked, the stormwater will begin to seek other exits and begin flowing out onto the grounds, drain outlets, or cesspits. This increases the risk of flooding on your property, especially if heavy rain continues for a long duration. Soak hole emptying is one of the plumbing repairs that cannot be postponed to a later date.

Important factors to consider while building a soak hole in Auckland

Consent: Resource consent is necessary for properties where impervious surfaces cover more than 60% of the area, specific industrial and trade processes, soakage bore drilling permissions, etc.

Compliance: All stormwater systems in Auckland must adhere to the Development and Connection Standards. All stormwater discharges and borehole drilling operations must comply with the list of permitted activities listed in the Regional Plan listed by the Auckland Regional Council.

Positioning: Soakage devices must be built where they can be easily accessed for emptying and maintenance. Soakage devices should never be adjacent to retaining walls or within 2 m of water pipes.

Types of soak holes

Soak pits should never be used for raw sewage. Health risks are negligible as long as the collected wastewater is discharged appropriately and the treatment system is in good working order. It is also crucial that the soak pit be placed at a safe distance from a supply of drinking water.

When it comes to cleaning and emptying soak holes in Auckland, we have a great deal of expertise and experience. We use modern and advanced technology such as vacuum trucks to quickly drain out any obstructions and restore proper drainage at the earliest. We can help you repair, empty, and maintain different types of soak holes;

Nominal Soakhole

Filter-strip Soakhole

Rain-garden/ Rainwater harvesting

Rockbore Soakhole

Residential Soak holes

Onehunga Soakholes

Onehunga soak holes are pits that have a central chamber filled with scoria/ volcanic rocks to maximize storage capacity. These rocks help the silt and sediments to settle and cleanse the wastewater to an extent. A concrete cesspit in the main chamber allows rainwater to enter and the pit is covered with a cast iron lid to enable access for cleaning and maintenance.

Why choose us?

Our crew has a significant amount of experience in rebuilding or installing soak pits in Auckland. Our team can do any work related to soak holes from start to finish – beginning with breaking up the ground to regular follow-up and emergency soak hole clearing. Call us for expert soak hole clearing services in Auckland at an affordable price.