Pre Purchase Drain Inspection

Attention New Home Buyers in Auckland!

Planning to invest in a new home? Double-checking everything that is associated with the house is fundamental for a smooth life after moving in. So, how can you ensure that you are getting the absolute deal for the house, including all the nitty-gritty like the drainage system?

It’s very simple.

Pay extra attention to the drainage layout and drainage system of the property using a pre-purchase drain inspection.

pre purchase drain inspection report

Why you should get a drain inspection before buying a house?

Compromising the quality of the drainage system at the houses you are scouting to buy is a bad idea. Drainage repairs are expensive, not to mention the whole hassle it can suddenly spring on your routine because of poor underground pipe works, hidden leaks, broken fixtures or pipes, and poor maintenance.

It is best if you carry out your inspection, and understand your drainage plan with your trusted drain unblockers when you have zeroed down the house you want to buy. The outcome of the inspections can help you even bargain for an inclusive repair or price cut instead of blindly accepting the assurances by your agents or previous owners. There are far too many cases where home buyers in Auckland have been taken advantage of without receiving proper details regarding drainage plans and sewer networks. Consider these tests and inspections a part of your investment that will save you a substantial amount in the future because of potential repairs.

Need Help with Drainage Pre Inspection?

5 things to be noted before buying a house?

Any drainage survey report or inspection in a new home or a remodeled house is sure to reveal some mistakes like in connecting water lines or sewer systems. We recommend new home buyers check out these important things at the new houses before making a decision.

Thoroughly check all fixtures

Every water inlet and outlet should be checked to ensure that it is fully operational. Such hindrances need to be addressed quickly, either repaired or replaced, lest it becomes an expensive liability in the future. The cost of those repairs is not for the home buyers to bear. Report those findings and turn it around in your favor by using the information as leverage.

Test for water leaks

Before you make the final decision to buy the property or move in, get your drainage inspector to check for any leaks. There are an array of tests a certified and experienced technician will run on the drain and sewer lines. Repairs in the sewer can be very problematic later, especially if you have to tear up the flooring.

Moisture in the sink cabinets and bathroom flooring

Leaks in bathroom drains are tricky to detect and identify. Look out for a spongy or soft or wet feel while walking on the floor. It is likely there is an undetected leak beneath the surface that is spreading the moisture. Another tricky place that you cannot miss to check is all the adjacent cabinets and shelves close to the kitchen sink and other water outlets if any. Check for moisture, mold, and any other discoloration that could be a potential hazard. When it comes to outdoors, check for the presence of unexplained wetness or puddles in the yard. This is a sure indicator of a water leak in the underground drainage outlet or sewer lines.

Inspecting sewer for cracks and leaks

Save yourself from tricksters trying to unload properties with serious drainage malfunctions. Most of these issues are not easily visible because of the underground and unexposed sewer system. Any breakages or leaks can go undetected only to resurface later as frustratingly recurring and expensive repair problems.

The functional efficiency of the water heater

We are one hundred percent sure hot water availability is a non-negotiable element in your demands for a home. So, do not forget to check personally or request your drainage investigator to look for corrosion, leaks, issues related to the pipes or connections, or replacement of obsolete equipment, etc.

How we can help you

Our team of fully licensed technicians is trained in various drainage system operational efficiency tests. We will give you a thorough report on the health of your potential new home’s sewer and drain system. If you want an in-depth inspection, you can choose our CCTV drain survey to gather visual evidence of repairs and blockages as drainage photographs and video footage. Our comprehensive report includes an on-site assessment as well as a written document of the findings.

CCTV drainage survey report in Auckland for New Home Buyers

Drainage surveys in Auckland for new homes are done mostly as an on-demand service. In this process, the surveyor or the technician uses a CCTV camera to inspect the condition of your drain pipes and sewer lines to identify blockages, infrastructural damage, potential repairs and breakages, tree root invasion, rodent nesting, etc. The inputs are often critical in deciding whether you need simple repairs or pipe-relining or excavation repairs or replacements.

Why do you need a home buyers drain survey?

CCTV drainage survey is now very popular among home buyers, simply because it is a smart thing to do and efficient.  It is a great way to identify underlying damages with drainage systems that are sometimes not easily visible or accessed. Our drain survey covers

  • Drainage system layout mapping
  • Drainage condition reporting
  • Identifying animal infestation
  • Detection of faulty pipe connections and other infrastructural damage
  • Root invasion: extent and criticality
  • Breakages, cracks, and leaks

What Does a CCTV drainage survey report include?

Onsite assessment and verbal report: A basic survey to identify a blockage and feedback.

Written report: an advanced survey with drain mapping and feedback.

Video report: an advanced survey with drain mapping, drain photographs, video footage, and feedback.

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