Sewage Pump Chamber Repairs & Installations in Auckland

If you have been too worried about repeated clogs and slow draining of the pipes and drains of your buildings, it’s time to unblock or get a sewage pump chamber. We are the most trusted service provider in Auckland that provides excellent sewage pump chamber installation, unblocking and maintenance work for households and businesses.

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What is a pump chamber?

Most residential and commercial property owners are unaware that their home’s sewage system is powered by a sewage pump chamber. Pump chambers are a generally resilient and effective system that functions with minimal maintenance. One of the main reasons why pump chambers break down is because of the blockage caused by non-flushable materials like wipes, pieces of fabric or plastic, etc. As a result, the pump runs for a long time attempting to empty the chamber and burns out.

The force and direction of the wastewater flow from a building to the council sewage mains are generally determined by the elevation of the land. However, if your property is below the main public sewer line, the sewage waste will need a push that will ensure smooth movement and no blockages. This push or force is provided by a pump chamber.

In the case of pump failure, the alarm will be triggered, and the secondary pump starts in to keep the system functioning. The alarm is also activated when the water level within the pump chamber crosses the high level alarm. In such situations, both pumps are activated and the alarm is set off. The alert automatically turns off when the water level falls back to a safe level.

We provide second-to-none pump chamber service in Auckland. Our crew is trained and experienced in tackling all types of issues to help you keep your sewage pumping station operating smoothly and hassle-free.

blocked sewage pump chamber

Importance of a pump chamber

You can put off repairing a leak in your sink and bathroom fixtures for a while. The chances of it not ending in a drainage catastrophe are less. But you cannot delay the fixing of a broken pump chamber or blockages. These are, undoubtedly, critical drainage issues and must be cleared immediately; otherwise, your toilets will remain inoperable until it is fixed.

Unblocking your pump chamber

Our experienced and trained technicians can arrive and unblock or repair a typical case of a pump chamber breaking down or clogging in less than two to three hours. We also assess the extent of the damage after the clearance and advice on further repair and maintenance work and how to extend the lifespan of the system. In the worst-case scenario, if the pump chamber is faulty beyond repair, the only option is to replace it. The installation should be carried out only by trained drainage professionals, or you might incur more losses in the form of heavy repair bills. We also offer emergency pump chamber installation, repairs, and unblocking services in Auckland for commercial buildings and households.

Regular maintenance of your sewage pump chamber and sewer system will extend its life and improve its performance, lowering operational expenses as well as wasteful and expensive follow-ups.

Why choose us?

You can prevent the drains from getting clogged or obstructed with sludge by practicing good drainage habits. For the ideal functioning of the sewage pump chamber, regular maintenance is also necessary.  We can help you with the inspection, servicing, and repair of any brand of pump chamber by our qualified personnel.

Call us now to schedule a service maintenance session if you are facing drainage blocks or a potential pump chamber failure.

We can get your drainage and pump chamber back up and running in no time.

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