Frequently asked Questions

How much does drain unblocking cost NZ?

For standard drain unblocking we charge $250 plus GST. This price includes a CCTV drain inspection also.

How much does it cost to clear the main drain line?

Depending on the condition of your drain it can range from $250 to $900. If the blockage is severe, the cost for unblocking the drain could be higher.

How do I know if my main sewer line is clogged?

If you are noticing one of these symptoms like drains backing up, slow wastewater flow, bad smell, or clogs in the shower and toilet, you can rest assured that you have a blockage in your drain system.

Can toilet paper clog a sewer line?

Toilet paper is meant to disintegrate in water however, if you use too much toilet paper it will create clogs inside the toilet and in the drain pipe.

What is CCTV drain inspection?

CCTV drain inspection involves a small camera attached to a long and flexible cable that can be inserted into the drain pipe for inspection. The camera will show us real-time footage of the drain’s condition. We can easily recognize the faults like blockages, leaks, and crack. Once we identify the problem our drain technicians will fix the issue and suggest future recommendations to avoid it.

How long does it take to camera a sewer line?

On average it takes us 30 minutes to inspect your drainage or sewer line. But it could vary depending on the ease of access to your drainage system and the speed at which we could insert the inspection cable into your drainage system.

Is a drain inspection worth it?

Yes, it is. We recommend property owners run an inspection every 6 months. This will give you an insight into any future blockages inside your drainage system. If not inspected some of the clogs could get severe and cost you a big amount to clear it. We also recommend home buyers do a drain pre-purchase drain inspection because it will save you money for future repairs or maintenance.

How do you get roots out of a drain?

We recommend not to use any DIY techniques to remove the tree roots from the drain pipe as it can cause severe damage to the drain pipe or it can make it worse.  Call us right away and our drain expert will cut the tree roots for you. We use a special root cutting hydro jet nozzle to cut down tree roots. It will not damage the interior of your drain pipe. Once the tree root cutting is done we will remove the tree roots from the inside.

Do you offer emergency call out ?

Yes we do. Response Drain Unblocking is a 24/7 company. You can call us anytime with your drain emergencies in Auckland.

Do you provide drain cleaning services ?

Yes, we have experienced drain technicians and tools for cleaning your drain pipes. First, we will run a CCTV inspection to understand the condition of your drainage system and then we will use our high-pressure hydro jet to clean your drainage system.

Do you repair broken drains?

Yes, We have the right methods and equipment to carry out drain repair services at both commercial and residential properties. First, we will inspect the damage to the pipe using CCTV, based on the inspection we can recommend the best cost-effective method to fix the drain pipe. If the drain pipe is collapsed or broken in a particular section, we will dig out the broken pipe and replace the section with a new one. If the whole drain is collapsed, we can lay an entirely new drain using the excavation method or use the drain relining method.