Drain rodding services in Auckland

Drain rodding is a common technique that we use to unblock small clogs inside drains and stormwater pipes. Small debris like tissues, leaves, and food particles can cause blockages inside the drainage system. We use the drain rodding technique in the spots where the clogs are visible and easy to access. Usually, we will unblock your drain pipe within 30 minutes using the drain snaking method.

If you think the pipes and drains in your building are clogged and need our drain rodding services, call us. We always have a mobile team, equipped and waiting to help you. We are just a call away.

What is a drain rod?

Drain rods, which are almost one meter long in size, are tools that are used to unclog a variety of drains. Typically, a drain rod set contains numerous strong, flexible rods that are fastened together to reach inside the drain pipes. In the drain rodding technique, these connecting rods are pushed down into the drainage system to clear clogs. These rods will break down the blocks and then the drain pipes are cleaned with a pressurized water hose to completely clear off any remaining debris.

How we use a drain rod for drain unblocking?

We are careful while carrying out a drain rod for unblocking a pipe. The drain rod specialist prepares for the repair with all the necessary safety gear, including thick rubber gloves and goggles, to wellington boots and overalls. We carry out 3 major steps.

Find the Blockage:

The first step is to try and find the issue with the naked eye. Sometimes, the block will be quite near to the surface of the drain cover and can be easily removed using only the hands. In case it cannot be immediately identified with the naked eye, the technician will insert the drain rod and probe until it encounters the obstruction.

Break up the Accumulated blockage:

The drain rod is then pushed hard onto the blockage until the technician is able to break through it and smash it down into smaller pieces. The force also loosens the sludge sticking on the walls and breaks down to pieces and becomes easy to clear.

Flush and Clean the Debris:

The technician then pours hot boiling water down the drain to rinse out the broken down debris, until none is left inside. We are always careful not to leave any debris inside after this, or it will build up into a blockage again very quickly.

CCTV Drain surveys

Sometimes we are unable to see or understand why the drains are blocked. With the help of a CCTV drain survey, we can accurately locate and capture the whole picture of the insides of the drain lines. Our drain rod specialist begins the process by inserting a camera into the drainpipe to try and detect the precise location and extent of the blockages. Once they have the full picture, our drain unblocking experts etermine the best strategy to remove them.

There are instances where one unblocking method alone will not give the desired results.  We have a variety of tools at our disposal to ensure accurate resolution of the issue and restore the normal smooth functioning of the drain.

Is drain rodding effective at unblocking drain pipes?

A variety of factors and elements like structure deterioration, rodent infestations, build-up of waste, or tree root penetration cause blockages in drain pipes. No matter what caused the block, drain rodding can be effectively used as the unblocking method to clear your drains. One of its major advantages is that it works around bends.

Different types of rods are available in the market today that enable them to go around bends in the structure. Our professionally trained specialists use highly flexible drain rods that can stretch, loosen and adapt to the shape of the pipes while unblocking them.

The drain rodding technique should not be performed by amateurs or non-technicians or the rods can get stuck inside the pipe. Then you will need to carry out an elaborate and expensive repair process to remove the block and also the stuck rod.

Advantages of drain rodding technique

Our drainage professionals are qualified and trained in operating the most up-to-date equipment available in the market. Combined with flexible drain rod sets and the expertise of our technicians, we can unblock even the most difficult blocks with minimal fuss. We assure you our work will be simple, neat, quick, and as discrete as possible.

Why choose us for drain rodding

If you suspect clogs in your building’s drain pipes, you should act quickly. Call a reliable drainage repair expert before the clog becomes a severe problem that necessitates an emergency repair. Our years of experience, team of certified staff and modern equipment can help you restore our blocked drain to a fully functional one in no time. Email or call now to talk to your friendly staff about your drain rodding requirements in Auckland.