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Blocked drains are a property owner’s worst nightmare. Clogs due to grease build-up and leaks caused by constricting tree roots or other accidents are the most common reasons for blocked plumbing system. Our expert drain unblockers in Hamilton have seen and cleared all types of clogged drains in the area. You would be shocked by what all worms its way down your sinks and drains causing slow drainage. Failure to clear it properly on time, sooner or later, results in expensive repairs and maintenance costs. Whether your blockages are in your internal plumbing system or your outdoor storm water drains, we can help you clean and restore them to a reliable and smooth functioning system.

We offer expert drain-clearing solutions for clogged drains in both residential and commercial properties. A build-up of grease, years of hair accumulation, food waste and other debris, or root growth can cause drain blockages any time. No matter what the cause of your trouble, we have the knowledge, experience, equipment and expertise to efficiently resolve it for long-lasting results. Our drain-unblocking plumbing services in Hamilton help protect your drain network from blocked or collapsed sewer lines, overflowing drains, blocked toilets and kitchen sinks are more. If you are looking for drain unblocking services in Hamilton, we are just a call away. Our drain unblocking technicians are ready and available for all drainage emergencies at a reasonable price.

Drain Unblocking Services In Hamilton

Drain Gully Before Cleaning

Drain Unblocking

It is high time to have the drain cleaned and cleansed of waste material if any bad unpleasant smell comes from the drain holes, has poor water drainage, or if gurgling sounds stem from the pipes. We can help you accurately identify the block and clear the drains at a reasonable price. Our team of professional and skilled drain technicians makes sure all work is hygienic, safe, and adheres to compliance regulations.

CCTV inspection view of tree root intruded drain pipe

Drain Repair

If you detect a slow draining of water from your sink or toilet, it means there is a block or a leak in the sewer pipe that needs replacing. Our licensed drainage plumbers in Hamilton are trained to perform a broad range of repairs. We offer speedy fault detection and part replacement and repair to ensure that the system works perfectly. We can diagnose and resolve it quickly and efficiently and help you save time and money.

drain relining of broken drain pipe

Drain Relining

Drain relining is a method by which the broken pipes are fixed from the inside without the need of digging. This technique is a long-lasting and sustainable, alternative to conventional pipe repair methods. Several different faults in the drain, water, or storm water systems can be corrected using this technique. Drain lining also helps control wastewater seeping into the soil and improves the longevity of your drain network. Our skilled drainage specialists use drain lining technique to repair cracks or leaky joints along the circumference of the pipe, or damages caused by tree root invasion.

CCTV inspection view of tree root intruded drain pipe

CCTV Drain Inspection

It entails the use of small CCTV to get a visual check of the pipeline’s insides. The CCTV camera is inserted into damaged storm water, or sewer pipeline as it records the footage. This video is simultaneously viewed on the screen outside of the drain. It helps explore the condition of the pipes, detects potential defects like cracks or gaps, identifies their placements, and locates barriers caused by tree roots.

drain filled with tree roots

Drain Tree Root Cutting

Protect your storm water and sewers from clogging and reduce wastewater sewer backups with efficient drain-clearing services. If you experience frequent clogs or slow drainage in the bathroom and random pooling of water on the grounds, it is mostly due to damages in the underground pipe from overgrown roots. Our expert technicians can help remove invading roots, install or upgrade your current drain lines.

hydro jet equipment

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

It is one of the least expensive ways to unclog drains. Our hydro jetting services in Hamilton are extensively used for clearing drains clogged with tree roots and debris. We fix all drainage issues right away, making it as convenient, fast and economic for you as we can. This is a great technique that minimizes damage, repair costs, and stress.

pre purchase drain inspection report

Pre-purchase Drain Inspection

Check if the drains of your potential new property have a healthy sewage system in Hamilton. Our pre-purchase drain surveys help identify damaging cracks from where tree roots can enter the drain lines and the accumulation of grease and debris. It helps check the quality of the existing sewer pipe, storm water drain, internal drainage system and the like.

Cesspit Cleaning

Detention Tank Cleaning

We offer efficient detention tank cleaning services to help minimize the chances of local flooding. An unblocked detention tank helps regulate the water discharged into the local drainage and decreases the impact of uncontrollable outflows from large and small structures in the region.

drain cleared using drain rod

Drain Rodding

Unclog various types of sewage blockages using drain rods. A drain rod set generally comprises of multiple long, sturdy rods that are linked together and modified to fit within the drain pipes. These connecting rods eliminate blocks from the drain pipes and any residual debris is removed using pressurized water.

Vacuum Loading Services in Hamilton

Vacuum loading services in Hamilton include the efficient and safe removal and repurposing of debris from inaccessible areas such as concrete slurry’s, environmental spills, underground drains, manholes, and the like. Our experts handle various vacuum recovery services using these trucks for wastewater and sludge from any residential property site or commercial plants. A specialist crew of drivers and expert staff operate our vacuum-loading trucks in Hamilton.

Cesspit Cleaning

We offer skilled and affordable cesspit cleaning and emptying services in Hamilton. A large number of households have benefited from our services and continue to rely on our cesspit maintenance plans. We also provide installation, servicing, cleaning, and repair solutions for the same.

Septic Tank Servicing

Septic tank emptying is a rigorous process that needs experience, licensing and knowledge. We adhere to a standard procedure that includes evaluation of the existing requirement and tank capacities. We use modern equipment vacuum and suction pumps for the execution of the process. Our technicians ensure the job is safely completed without harming or affecting your property, and convenience.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We offer reliable grease duct cleaning services in Hamilton because unhygienic commercial kitchen ducts are against the law and also harmful to your business. We are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure a clean and first-class kitchen grease duct for your business.  Our Eco-friendly waste management services are available to you at reasonable prices.

Pump Chamber Servicing

We offer comprehensive pump chamber maintenance service in Hamilton to all types of properties. Pump chambers and pump stations should be serviced annually or more frequently. Our technicians are licensed and trained to handle any type of pump station malfunctions and restore full operation of the system to avoid flooding or overflows.

Hydro Excavation

We offer safe, economical, non-destructive hydro excavation services with minimal digging and excavation. Our vacuum trucks and pressurized water pumps extract soil without affecting the underground assets. Our drain and pipe cleaning using hydro excavation resolve various on-site difficulties faced in conventional drain repair techniques. Hydro excavation technique is especially suitable for residential and large-scale business properties with huge underground drain infrastructure. To hire a specialized hydro excavation service in Hamilton, reach out to us.

Pile Hole Cleaning

We offer fast and efficient removal of water and cement sludge from pile holes in construction sites in Hamilton. Our technicians are trained to use vacuum-loading trucks to effectively suction out debris and wastewater from pile holes. Our crew helps prepare the pits for easier concrete pouring and helps minimize the chances of errors while setting concrete.

Our Drain Service Pricing

We offer modern and advanced drain unblocking services in Hamilton at affordable prices. Sewage and drain lines are positioned away from plain sight, making it difficult to detect leaks and blocks in drain pipes. We offer professional and expert drain unblocking crew to help resolve and fix your drain malfunctions, clogging and other drainage faults. You can rely on our highly skilled team of certified drain technicians to examine and repair the blocked sewers or drain lines before further damage occurs. Our repair technicians can help restore the optimal performance and efficiency of your drain pipe network in no time at all. Call now to book your service.

Drain Unblocking Service

24 hours a day, 365 days a year


We can unblock your drainage system in 1 hour. Our service includes a CCTV inspection. Call us Today.

CCTV Drain Pipe Inspection

Clear picture of what's blocking


Get a high definition view of your drain pipes. Get instant report & recommendations for your drainage system.

Tree Root Cutting

Damage free service


We can cut the tree roots blocking your drain lines. Our pricing includes a CCTV inspection of your entire drain.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Restore your drainage system health


Thorough cleaning of your drain pipes. Clear your drain pipes from tree roots, food fats or grease & other debris in no time.

Drain Rodding

Cost Effective and Simplest Way


Traditional method to unblock your drain. Takes less than 1 hour to complete. Ideal for less complicated drain blockages.

Drain Repair

Saves you time, mess and money


Repair your broken or tree root intruded drain pipe. Professional cleanup after digging up the ground for drain repairs.

Pre Purchase Drain Inspection

Wisest choice before buying a home


Detailed inspection report of the drainage system. High quality images of drain pipes included in the report.  Book us today !

Sewer Unblocking

Experienced & trained professionals


Call us to unblock your sewer lines. The fee includes a CCTV inspection. Our crew is available 24/7 in Hamilton.

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We specialize in drain unblocking and sewer repair in the Hamilton area. Every day, our team of well-trained and experienced technicians takes care of a myriad of drainage issues in the region with precision and skill. Our dedicated team of drain blockage technicians not only helps clear blocked drains but also are skilled in replacing drain parts or the whole system if necessary.


We strive hard to constantly hone our skills and upgrade our expertise, and capability to ensure a great experience.   Our fleet, crew and industry knowledge are continuously upgraded and updated to deliver flawless service.

Customer Satisfaction

We are driven by the goal to provide our customers with comprehensive drain repair service and absolute satisfaction. No job is bad or small for us; we carry out every assignment with dedication and professionalism.

24/7 Service

We take pride in our professionalism, work ethics and quick response time. Whether it is a scheduled drain clean-up or an emergency request, we always endeavor to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients in the fastest manner possible.


Whether you are searching for regular drain maintenance or planning major repairs or upgrading to a modern drainage system, we got you covered. Call us now to book an appointment.