Hydro Excavation

Are you looking for the best way to do drain repairs work in Auckland for your assets that run underneath buildings and ground? The answer is Hydro Excavation from Response Drain unblocking!

You can now say goodbye to unexpected and expensive damages from accidental breakage of underground cables, drainpipes, and utility lines. This method is 100% more efficient than conventional methods of digging. Our expert technicians, advanced technology, and equipment offer you not only the best but also smarter and safer hydro excavation service. Our precision and quality of work are  unmatched in all of Auckland. We take compliance with New Zealand regulations seriously and you will not have any troubles with the disposal of sludge or any violations of public rules. We are faster, undeniably safer, cleaner, cost-effective, and sustainable. Learn more about our Hydro Excavation service here.

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What is Hydrovac Excavation

This is an extremely safe, cost-effective, efficient non-mechanical, non-destructive digging and excavation approach used in plumbing and other industries. Here, vacuum and pressurized water are used to remove dirt without damaging assets. Heavy machinery vehicles like sucker trucks are deployed to extract the sludge from the deep areas and disposed of at permitted locations. Drain and pipe cleaning using hydro excavation addresses numerous on-site challenges that previously demanded labor and cost-intensive techniques. This technique is extremely suitable for residential and business properties with a high risk of infra and asset damage during drain repairs.

History of Hydrovac Excavation

The earliest application of hydro excavation was in mining where miners used pressurized water pumps to wash away debris and small blocks of landmasses in the ores. This technique helped the laborers to dig out resources and minerals faster and much more efficiently. The next breakthrough came in 1969 when a more sophisticated tool was invented, which was duly named Excavator. As time passed, this technique began to be used for drain and sewer cleaning and more complex and efficient machinery came into play.

How does Hydrovac excavation works

In Hydro excavation, technicians excavate areas around underground assets such as water pipes, telecommunication cables, and gas pipelines, with minimal damage to the property and infrastructure. It vastly reduces the risks of conventional digging methods to repair drainage issues in inaccessible locations.

Hydro excavation uses pressurized water, which is inserted into the ground to loosen the mud into a slurry-like mixture so that it can be suctioned out with the help of pipes and sucker trucks. Some of the main advantages of hydro evacuation are

  • It can be applied to any type of soil
  • Fast and efficient
  • Minimal risk to employees and properties
  • Risk-free and effective digging method that can be used for both commercial and residential customers.

Benefits of Hydro excavation for drain repairs?

If you are looking for ways to effectively maneuver infrastructure damage due to drain issues in unreachable areas under the ground, hydro excavation is your answer.

For homes and businesses or office towers, no matter what the type of building, the hydro excavation technique provides a safer way to clear underground gravel and rocks, mud, and water to locate the fault or pipelines. It is a tried and tested method that greatly reduces the chances of cave-ins and land collapse due to the digging of the earth.

Furthermore, the hydro excavation technique is super time-and-labor efficient. Drainage repairs that used to take weeks can be now completed in a few days with trained technicians and just water, air, and sucker trucks. It eliminates accidental damages and breakages to the pipes or other assets, making it an economic and reliable method to carry out difficult underground drain repairs. It is also ideal to use in remote, risky, and inaccessible areas because the equipment used in a hydro excavation can be placed as far away as 100 meters from the actual location.

Where can you use Hydro excavation?

Drainage problems can happen at any time to any type of property. While you can be proactive and take adequate measures for issues that appear on the surface level, it is difficult to identify and rectify damages that happen in the underground drainage system. But with the hydro excavation technique, it is possible to reach even the farthest and deepest parts of the underground drainage  network and carry out the necessary drain repairs.

Small Spaces

It is tricky to do anything at all in a small and restricted spaces, be it building something new or fixing something that is broken.  But for hydro excavation, space constraints are not a challenge. You can keep the sucker trucks and associated equipment away from the actual location and still get the work done without issues, leaving enough space for workers, machines, and debris.

Disposal of accumulated waste

Drain repairs often unearth a lot of sludge and debris accumulated in the deepest recesses of the underground pipes and drains. With hydro excavation, you can easily suck them out and manage the process of discarding the waste with minimal mess and infrastructure damage.

Hydro Excavation during winters

Human beings are not the only ones who do not appreciate very cold winters. Drain pipe networks hate harsh winters equally. Repairing frozen or burst pipes in winter is troublesome and hazardous. However, with hydro excavation, you can bring down the hazards of working out in the open to a large extent as it is totally capable of digging into hard and frozen ground and getting the work done.

Underground drain pipeline network

On the surface, it will appear clean and neat, but beneath the ground, there are probably hundreds of big and small pipes crisscrossing and working tirelessly to transport water and waste. One accidental hit will disrupt the whole network and not to mention the slow mess it will create, both on the outside and underground. Hydro excavation is a great solution to avoid such accidents and ensure the drain networks work seamlessly.

Hydro excavation is a great and reliable method used in drain repairs and excavating debris. It is fast, hassle-free, and super easy to manage. Call us now if you are looking for affordable hydro excavation services in Auckland. We promise to get to the location within an hour.