Tree root cutting inside drains

What is the worst drainage malfunction or repair that most residential and building owners overlook alike?

It’s not the clogs, leaks pipe corrosion or deposits of grit; it is tree roots intrusion. Tree roots do not need much space to infiltrate the pipes. It can get into storm water and wastewater drains even through the tiniest of fissures and thrive under the constant flow of water, nutrients and oxygen. You can’t see root damage until it is too late. The tree root invasion problem is notoriously famous for the damage and ruins it incurs to the underground drain system by invading the pipes and also for the difficulties in accessing, detecting, and confirming the extent of the damage. But not anymore!

We have advanced technology, expert care and experienced technicians to take care of your underground sewer network. If you are looking for leading drain repair services in Auckland to remove invasive tree roots and restore seamless functionality to the drains and pipes in your property, you have come to the right place. Call us to know more about our services.

Signs of tree roots blocking your pipes

Tree roots move towards sources of water and nutrients, which is, of course, the way nature works.  The best thing household and business property owners can do is to plan the sewer pipes placement and gardening layouts in such a way that it allows both you and the tree roots to sustain and thrive amicably.

Always look out for signs in your drains and pipes for leaks! Even the smallest of leaks or drips in the yard can boost the tree root growth in its vicinity. These roots can gradually invade your drains and grow aggressively to damage the pipe lining and eventually crack. The roots are often strong and capable of breaking the pipe joints, cracking the structures, and causing structural collapse, severe blockages and other damage. If undetected for a long time, it can cause high water bills, problems with your water pressure, and other infrastructure damages to your home or office building.

Let’s check out the most common symptoms of tree root invasion in drain pipes.

  • Frequent clogs in tubs, toilets, or sinks
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains
  • Clogs despite repeated plunging of the toilets
  • Slow drainage in the bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Changes in water pressure in the pipes
  • Moisture in unexpected places on your property

How Can You Prevent Roots From Getting Into Your Pipes?

Root intrusion may start small, but over time they have the potential to cause major problems. Rectifying root invasion in drainpipes is no longer a nightmarish drain repair job.

Prevention of tree roots from encroaching on your underground assets largely depends on the type of property you own. Although it is one of the problems that can rapidly escalate into a major drain repair emergency, with the right team and intervention, it can easily be managed.

We recommend the property owners take these measures to reduce the potential damage and high cost repair works.

  • New building constructions or landscaping should always assess the distance between the sewer pipes and tree placements in the yard. If possible, try to plant trees at least 5 meters away from where sewer lines pass.
  • If you can, opt to pot your plants instead of sowing them into the ground directly.
  • If you detect slow draining that is not resolved by repeated plunging or DIY methods, do not delay calling for expert drainage repair services. Be open to the possibility of tree root invasion in your drains even if there are not any threatening trees on your grounds. There could be trapped-in roots in the soil looking to revive its damaged parts.
  • Once detected, do not wait to remove the roots in the pipes. The more you delay, the more it is exposed to continuous water and nutrients and it will grow in unprecedented proportions causing the cracks in your pipes to become bigger.
  • In the case of old properties with old drainage systems, consult with our drain technician. Do not hesitate to take adequate steps based on their recommendation of an overhaul replacement and upgrade of the drain and pipelines or fortification of the current ones with appropriate relining measures.

We can solve the root problem and protect your home against future problems

Tree roots are a major cause behind the blocks in your drainage system and sewer backups. These are often not only damaging to your home and property but can also potentially cause serious health issues for the inmates. Luckily, we are here to help you with the right technology, expertise, and intervention that will give you long-lasting results for root invasion problems in your property.

Root cutting

When you call us to report blocked drainage, we arrive at the location with expert technicians and modern technology and machinery that helps easily scan, locate and remove blocked tree roots. Our equipment includes machines that can penetrate deep with the help of cables and cutting blades, and prune the roots to clear the blockages.

CCTV camera inspection

Another method to detect and gauge the tree root invasion in the drain pipes is to use a CCTV camera. The camera is attached to a flexible cable which is later inserted into the pipe. The device captures the scope of the damage afflicted on the pipe and accurately locates the source point of the tree roots entering. The captured footage is reliable leverage you can use to quote a reasonable price for the repair work as well as serve as reference material for any future drain repairs.

If tree roots have managed to infiltrate your drains once, chances are it will happen again unless you remove the trees from the vicinity which is not always a good solution. The most ideal solution is to invest in a good network of strong and long-lasting PVC pipes or get pipe relining done with the help of our trusted team.

We can help install or upgrade your current pipeline and also set up a review point at the risk spot. This will enable easier access to the underground assets and rectify future tree root intrusion or other leakage issues. On top of all this, CCTV inspection also helps to identify damages or weak points in the structure and layout, which was way more difficult to identify and fix in the olden times. Based on the CCTV report, we can recommend whether you will have to repair or replace the drain pipes.

Hydro Jetting Process

Hydro jetting is the process of using highly pressurized water to eliminate built-up grease, sludge, and tree roots entangled and growing inside the pipes. The concentrated pressure breaks up even the thickest of roots and grime to restore normal functionality in the pipes. It gives the same ASMR satisfactory finish to the insides of the pipes like power washing of exterior surfaces.

Hydro jetting services can be used  for clearing debris and tree roots in:

  • Industrial pipes
  • Household sewer and drain pipes
  • Storm water pipes
  • Ditches and trenches

How it works

The hydro jetting procedure is not very complex. All it needs is a lot of water, a machine that helps build and control pressure to the required amount, a hose, and a nozzle. Hydro jetting is done after a thorough CCTV inspection and assessment of the condition of the pipes. At the location, the technician accesses the damaged part through a section of the pipe called clean out. The hose fitted with the nozzle is then inserted into it. When the nozzle faces a block, the technician of the jetting system initiates a session of pressurized water until the blockage breaks up and clears.

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Hydro jetting is undoubtedly one of the most practical tools in use today to effectively remove invasive roots from the drain pipes. Call us at the first sign of stubborn blockages in your drain and we’ll dispatch our expert and experienced hydro jetting technicians in Auckland to your location in less than an hour.