Drain pipe tree root cutting in Remuera, Auckland

The drainage line at a property in Remuera was completely blocked. To worsen things, last week’s rain caused flooding at this property. The House owner called us to clear the problem ASAP. Our drainage crew arrived on time and ran a CCTV inspection of the drainage holes. Our experienced crew started with drainage holes near the trees. As expected the drainage pipe was blocked with tree roots from the nearby tree. Some of the tree roots were pulled out of the drainage pipe as shown in the pictures. For the rest of the thick roots, we had to use a hydro jet to cut the tree roots inside the pipes. Since the tree root intrusion was big we advised the homeowner to replace a small portion of the pipe where roots had intruded. We replaced the pipe section and cleaned the drain pipe in no time to allow the normal flow of water. The property owner was very much satisfied with our services and suggestions which resulted in saving our contact number for future works.
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