The top 5 causes of blocked drains in Auckland homes

Blocked drains are always frustrating and big headaches for property owners. Most of the time it is expensive to fix the drainage problem. However, if you know about the common causes of blocked drains you can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Here are some common causes of blocked drains that we found during our drain unblocking jobs in Auckland.

Hair and soap scum build up

The build up of hair and soap scum is a common cause in most Auckland homes. Over time, hair, soap, and other debris from the bathroom can pile up inside the drain pipe creating blockages. Once it’s blocked the water from the shower will not pass smoothly through the drain, creating flooding inside the bath. One of the best ways to prevent this is to use a drain cover in your shower or bath, which can catch hair and all the other debris entering your drain.

Food Waste

Food waste from the kitchen is one of the main reasons behind drain blockages. Food scraps, grease, and oil from the dishes can easily stick to the drain pipe causing clogs over time. We recommend scrapping all the food leftovers into the waste bin before washing the dishes. Also, you could wipe off the excess grease and oil from the dishes using kitchen paper towels instead of pouring them into the drainage.

Flushing Inappropriate Items

Flushing inappropriate items like wet wipes, kid’s toys, and sanitary products in toilets can cause blocked drains. Since these items are not soft as toilet tissues they won’t break or disintegrate inside the drain pipe which will the glow of waste water. To prevent this, only flush toilet tissue down the toilets and if you have kids at home be cautious when they are using the toilet.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a silent nuisance that can cause huge blockages inside the drain pipe. Once the tree roots get inside the drain pipe they will grow very thick which will be very hard to notice at first. As it grows, the debris flowing through the drain pipe can get accumulated on roots causing blockages. The best method to prevent this is to conduct a CCTV drain inspection every 6 months. Through CCTV drain inspection you can find out emerging tree root intrusions.

Broken or collapsed Drain Pipe

Broken or collapsed drain pipes can cause serious drain clogs. Debris like soil, tree roots, and concrete can get into the drain pipes hindering the normal flow of wastewater. This normally happens when the drainage system is older or there was construction or digging work carried around the drain lines. To prevent this make sure any type of work near drain lines is carried out with good care and conduct a regular drain inspection using a CCTV camera.

Blocked drains are always unpredictable but by understanding the common causes behind blocked drains and taking preventive measures as suggested above you can save money from costly repairs. If you are experiencing blocked drains it is always best to call a drain expert.